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How to be an Ebay Seller

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Most probably, you have heard of ebay.  There are already millions of sellers on ebay.  Not to mention other people who just have an ebay account for the sake of getting the best bargains on ebay.  If you decide that ebay selling might be good for you, then this article is just perfect for you since below is a step by step guide on how you can become an ebay seller. 

Ebay and Paypal Account

The first step in becoming an ebay seller is for you to make an account on ebay.  This is a very simple procedure to do.  It also will be good if you have a paypal account since most of the buyers on ebay will purchase the item on paypal.  Having a paypal account is great because it offers the buyers and the sellers protection on all of the purchases.

Great Titles with Detailed item Description

Since you are just selling your items online, it is very important for you to be able to have good words to write about each item you will sell.  If you aren’t that good in thinking of titles, then go to Amazon.com and try to “borrow” some of the item titles there.  Also make sure to think like a buyer.  For instance, if you are selling sport shoes, then the first words of the item title should be “sports shoes” and not “grey sports shoes”.  If the item is a second-hand item, then make sure to mention when the original purchase of the item was and how often the item was used.  The description of the item detail must be according to the brand, color, size, and condition.  Also mention the mode of payment that you desire.  The most hassle free is really paypal.  I would recommend it to you.  The shipping’s handling time should also be mentioned.

The Images Matters

Again, since this is online selling, then it would be great to offer a view of what the item is like.  Take lots of pictures of the times – front view, side view, back view.  If the item is something that you can assemble, then show pictures of the different parts too.

Item’s Weight, Packaging and Shipping Costs

These are the details that many new sellers overlook.  This might get you into a lengthy discussion on the buyer if gone unnoticed.  So, please make sure that the item’s weight will be specified.  Also, your buyers would appreciate it if you mention the packaging – be it in a box, an envelope, or a tube, or will it have a bubble wrap.  Of course the shipping cost should be considered.  If you will go for the “free shipping” promotion to attract more buyers to purchasing your item, then make sure that you won’t be on a deficit with the shipping cost.  It would be wise to ask DHL, UPS or the Post Office nearest you on how much the shipping cost would be.  Also be familiar with the shipping cost of the different item weight.

Be patient

It’s not just about patience actually, but it is also more on being very accommodating to your ebay buyers.  Also, your item might sit in your storage room for weeks, maybe around a month or more if your price is like $10 higher than the other items similar to it.  Once you have sold your first item, it would be wise to ask for a positive rating from your buyer.

Well, I hope that the tips above would help you in your journey as an ebay seller.

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Welcome to top ebay tips.  In this blog, you will have a lot of information on how it is to sell on ebay.  Most of you who are here might already been considering becoming an ebay seller, and some have already had first hand experience on how it is to exchange trades on ebay.  Since we are now living in a world that makes us just focus on working and doing chores, it is such a relief to be able to buy stuff online.  Buying online saves us time, energy, and for those who might not be familiar with online shopping – well, it can be cheaper than buying from a regular walk-in shop.  Try it for yourself!  

The convenience of online shopping paved the way for more people to consider having an online business.  Ebay is one of those websites that has built a solid presence in the internet.  When you want to buy something and you google the name of the item, the search engine will probably lead you to a webpage somewhere on ebay or amazon.  Since ebay is this huge, it might be great for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of ebay.  Then you can have a better understanding of what it is to become an ebay seller or buyer.  

   Here are just some of the advantages of buying or purchasing on ebay

  1. You don’t just buy or sell an item on ebay, you can build your reputation there.  So for people whose intent is to really build an income, then this means that you can have your own branding by building your ebay shop.  
  2. Your feedback speaks of your credibility.  Ebay is very popular for its feedback system.  Each of the feedback that you will get – be it a positive or a negative feedback will automatically be in your ebay account permanently.  
  3. Protection of your payment is an assurance in ebay.  For every product that is purchased on ebay, all of the buyers and sellers on ebay are protected and can be covered for up to $3,500 (but conditions will apply to these).
  4. You can actually dispose of the unwanted stuff you have at home on ebay.  If you have items that just eat up the space in the attic or the garage, then sell it on ebay.  It is an amazing marketplace for almost any product.  If you check it out, there are even items that are obviously distressed stocks.  Of course you will have to sell it on a much cheaper price.  The fact alone that you can sell these items on ebay is already something worth looking forward to.


Here’s the other side of the coin – the possible disadvantages of being on ebay:

  1. Right now, there are millions of sellers on ebay.  This essentially means that the competition is very stiff.  So this leads to having prices that are much lower.  You won’t be able to have a really good profit, unless you will be able to find a very cheap supplier that will allow you to have a profit margin of 20-30 percent on each item that you will sell.  It still boils down to building your credibility on ebay by having more positive feedbacks from the ebay buyers that you deal with on each item that you sell.  
  2. Though there are buyers and sellers protection on ebay, there are still some fraudsters who find their way on ebay.  To be honest, I have virtually zero knowledge base on how they do this.  The best thing that each ebay buyer can do to protect their purchase is to immediately communicate with the ebay seller.  If the ebay seller will not respond, and your item will not be delivered on time, then report the fraudulent seller immediately to ebay management.  

Actually, ebay is pretty vigilant right now because it is often compared to Amazon.  While many claim that Amazon sellers are better to deal with because of the item reviews that Amazon has, it is still cheaper to buy on ebay.

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Since you are reading this first sentence, I take it that you are quite determined to become an ebay success.  Cheers to that!  If you come to think of it, selling on ebay is very different than the other online programs because this requires drop shipping.  By the way, if you still aren’t very much aware of the other online products, they are mostly MLMs that require hard selling.  With ebay selling, you need to go around town and find products that you can buy much cheaper, and then sell it for twice, thrice, or sometimes even five times the original price.

So…how will you have a positive feedback on ebay?  You might think that it will take up a lot of time before you get a positive feedback on ebay, but actually, there are some things that you can do to speed things up…

  • Purchase Positive Feedbacks for just a few dollars

Let’s face it, this is seems a bit desperate.  However, it is very effective for those who want to sell fast on ebay.  You can get                   about 10 positive feedbacks in less than 5 days.  How cool is that.! So, how are you going to do this?  Well you just have to buy           a few cheap products on ebay.  Be reminded that there are very cheap products on ebay.  So go ahead and purchase the stuff               that you need and make sure to work within the budget.  Tell the ebay sellers that you need a positive feedback from them.                   Purchase those 10 items in a day and for sure, within 5 days, you will have those 10 positive feedback which really is enough               proof that you aren’t a fraud on ebay.

  • Ask for positive feedback from your buyers

As soon as you have sold an item.  Be sure to be really nice in assisting your buyer and ask for a positive feedback from them,             assuring them that you will also give them a positive feedback as a form of gratitude.  This sounds really simple, but it works               almost all the time.  Since you are still in the phase of building your credibility on ebay, each positive feedback is your treasure.        Immediately contact to the seller hours after (not days after) the item has been sold.

  • Don’t sell recipes or e-books

Ebay allows you to sell almost anything.  However, ebay does not really favor those who are selling recipes and e-books that               are priced at just $0.10.  About 90 percent of those who sell these have been removed by ebay as a seller.  So don’t get tempted         into selling these because once your account has been removed by ebay, your IP address is not allowed to make a new account           on ebay.

Remember, you do WANT to make a full time income and just quit your job, so take the feedback on ebay seriously.  It will remain on your ebay record PERMANENTLY.  It acts as the scorecard of your credibility not just as a buyer, but as a seller as well.  Feedback will make or break your ebay career.  It can be your asset or liability.  Each positive feedback is plus points, while each negative feedback is the opposite which can tarnish your reputation.  So have good customer service and fast shipping with fast response each time your buyers have queries.  The tips above will surely be of assistance to you.  :-)

Let me know if the article was helpful by giving a comment below.  :-)  To your success!

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Just like any other business, selling on ebay can start quite small but end up making you a millionaire.  If you have doubts on this, then perhaps it is high time for you to do some searching online.  You will be surprised because there are people who really just began with about $200 worth of investment.  Gradually, with persistence and just having a very positive attitude, their ebay store had regular buyers.  If you come to think of it, having a regular buyer on ebay is a very good achievement already.  Why?  It is because when you want to buy something on ebay, the first thing that you do is to go to the search tab and type whatever you wish to type there.  Really…it is what everyone does.  :-)

So, when someone has purchased your item, make them feel comfortable with you.  Let’s face it, you will not be physically there for your buyer to do a very good sales talk.  All you did was to post a bunch of pictures and had a good description up on ebay.  That’s about it.  Communication is key if your intent is to become an ebay seller who can make good on sales.  Start by sending them an email informing them that the product has already been shipped.  Also give them the tracking number.  Make sure that you will also inform them of when the product will be delivered to them.  Then, make notes on the delivery date in your calendar – be in in your phone’s calendar or your scheduler.

This simple gesture is something that all of the buyers will really appreciate.  If the buyer will respond to your emails, then be nicer and ask some other matters like do they also sell on ebay, or how often they buy on ebay.  Rapport is essential folks!  :-)  The moment they keep on responding to you, this is when you can ask them to give a positive feedback.  Remember, having a positive feedback will build your credibility on ebay.  From a selling limit of $1000 per month (for a total of 10 items), you will eventually have those selling limit extended.

So far, I did these simple “nice seller” tricks and it got me one positive result on ebay.  It would also be good to sell stuff on ebay on just one category.  For example, your category would be on health products, or house appliances., or anything that you think would be good to sell.  Patience is key when you become an ebay seller.

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be an ebay seller 

On the 6 weeks that I have been on ebay, I have sold 5 items.  Too bad I had some personal issues that hindered me from selling continuously.  Last week, I received a positive comment because the buyer is a very cheery person who likes to communicate with me.  In fact, the buyer even mentioned that the item she bought, a snuggly Harley Davidson character blanket is for a family member who is terminally ill.  Of course they needed comforting, so whenever I would reply to her, I would tell her to be strong.  When she received the item, she even emailed to me that she got the item and that the recipient of the gift was quite happy upon receiving the item.

So far, I still have to check what else I should sell on ebay.  Since there have been so many success stories on making their ebay store their regular source of income, I have been inspired to do the same thing.  However, I would like to do it slowly but surely.  If you want to be an ebay seller, and plan to do it on a regular basis, you have to make sure to sell the ones that would get the attention of the buyers.  To do this, you need to do a thorough research on ebay.  You can go to popular ebay for your research.  Popular ebay provides many different categories.  If you consider on selling items for the household, just click on that section for you to find out which items will sell good.  Also, as an ebay seller, you need to specify if you will be able to ship internationally.  If you cannot ship internationally, make sure you will mention it on your ebay item description.  As much as possible, have it in bold letters.

As of now, I want to focus on fixed price selling because I still have to consider whether bidding would be good for me as a seller.  Another thing with my ebay experience is that interacting with my buyers has paid off.  I got what I wanted and as a bonus, it happened on my first month as a seller…I got a positive feedback from one of my buyers.  Actually, I didn’t expect to receive a positive feedback on my first month, but I did.  I know it was quite a while since I last posted here, since I had other stuff going on, but it is really good to keep you posted on what I have been doing on ebay.

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My Holidays


This past week has been all about communicating with my buyers.  Since I have a full-time job and also have a passion in designing crochet hair accessories, phone accessories, swim wear, bags and basically anything that has to do with crochet, I decided that it this ebay selling thing would do me good as far as promoting my products are concerned.  

I am currently in the designing phase of my crochet products.  Soon, I will have those in my ebay accounts also.  As of now, I would like to share to you what usually the concern of the buyers are.  The main concern of the buyers is when the products will get to them.  Please be reminded that ebay has a lot of fraudulent seller accounts.  So you, as a legitimate seller, must bear in mind that by communicating to your buyers, you will be assuring them that indeed, you are real.

First, start off by thanking them for the purchase that they have done.  Being grateful is always a good thing.  Then assure them that you will be shipping the item.  As soon as the item has been shipped, please take note of this – go to your “my ebay” section, press the “selling” button, and then make sure that you get the tracking number and add the tracking number too.  Only then will ebay release the money to you as the seller.  

When you have already given the tracking number information, you can inform your buyer on this.  It is good to have a record on all of the dates of the possible delivery dates so you can make follow-ups to your buyers.  Once the buyers have received the items, make sure that your buyer will give a feedback.  Keep your fingers crossed for them to give a positive feedback of you.

Then, you can relist the same items or you might want to choose new items to sell on your ebay account.  Remember, reputation is everything here on ebay.  So make it count.   



sell online on ebay

Let’s face it, ebay is just amazing when it comes to generating sales for so many online sellers.  There is a growing number of people quitting their full time jobs because their entrepreneurship via ebay has made it possible for them to work on their own convenience…right at their very own homes.

This is amazing for people with families.  Children right now need to be guided since the value system of this generation has gone from bad to worse.  So aside from just browsing on your own and feeling clueless about the ebay site, it is great for you to have other resources for more insights on what is it to become an ebay seller.

For first time sellers such as myself, it really is difficult to make an impact to the buyers.  Why?  It is because brand new sellers don’t have customer reviews – no positive comments from their previous buyers.  Good news though, there is still a way for you to have your items sold faster.  Well, I pretty much think you know how to do that – affordable prices for the quality items you will sell in your ebay account.

So there you are, all feeling excited because you have finally took pictures of your items and have all 10 of them displayed in your ebay account.  The prices are a bit lower than most of the competitors.  All seems promising.

This happened to me also.  I am, after all, a brand new seller on ebay.  This blog is about the success I will have because of the paid training that I have with a very effective ebay selling program online.  Then, after 4 days of waiting and feeling nervous, I made 3 sales.  Just amazing, right?  Well…almost amazing.

You might wonder why.  It is because of one seller who did not read about the notes i had in bold letters in the description part of the item description.  I specifically mentioned there that I do not ship to PO Boxes.  The address given to me was a PO Box.  Wooooo!!!!!!!!   What if the customer insists that I deliver it in the PO Box given to me, right?

Dilemma…dilemma…dilemma…   Then I thought of a solution to the problem.  :-)

I emailed the buyer and started by expressing my gratitude that he/she bought an item from me.  Then, I said that maybe because he/she was in a hurry to purchase, there has been a slight mistake in checking out the information I had in the item description area.  I asked for the physical address of the customer.  In less than 24 hours I got a response from the buyer and I got the physical address.  Thus, I shipped the item.

Ebay selling is all about your trustworthiness and reputation.  This means that we should not allow our ebay accounts to have negative reviews, most especially if you have been selling for the first time on ebay.  Just when I paused for a while from writing this blog post, I got an email saying that I got another sale from my first ebay account.  Oh wow!  I am just so happy that I was trained by the most efficient online training on ebay selling!

Thanks for reading…I will keep you guys posted on my ebay journey.   :)

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